5 Tips to Get Mobile-Friendly Design of Your Website

5 Tips to Get Mobile-Friendly Design of Your Website

80.63% of the World’s population use a smartphone today. If your Website is not mobile optimized, you will lose more than 67% of your customers.

If you own a website for your business, you already know that most website traffic comes from mobile phone users. So, optimizing your Website for mobile phone browsers and getting a fully functional Android and iOS application should be the prime focus of your business.

Here are 5 of the most valuable tips you can take care of when building or optimizing your Website.

1. Use of a responsive web development open-source framework:

Always use a responsive open source web designing software like WordPress, Wix, Bootstrap, etc. These web design platforms are code-free, easy to use, and responsive. So, your customers no longer have to wait for like 10 seconds to load your Website. A responsive website also,

● Ranks higher in Google search results,
● Optimized for all screen sizes,
Local SEO friendly,
● Easy to update,
● It saves time for both the business owner and customers and is cheaper.

2. Try to keep your content attractive yet straightforward:

As mobile screens are not larger than 6 inches, you need to use this feature to your advantage and keep your Website content simple, shorter, and easier to understand. Including only the most essential copies of your content often makes your content more chunky and attractive. The following tips should make your Website content chunky and optimized for mobile use:

● Use image descriptors,
● Listing your points in bullets,
● Short summaries,
● Short words.

These are some effective styles to improve your mobile content.

3. Icons are stronger than words:

As the space is short, you need to prefer icons more than words, like for the socials, you can use the icons of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Icons rather than typed name format. This makes the customers more engaged and makes your content look better.

4. Avoid the use of Flash and Javascript:

Flash is a complete ‘no’ when you think of your mobile-optimized Website. Adobe Flash is an old plugin and is no longer supported by mobile browsers. Also, when designing the Website, use Javascript cautiously as it is not a very well-known mobile-friendly language and will slow down mobile websites.

5. Keep your Texts size short:

As you optimize your Website for small screen devices, you need to keep your texts small (at least 14px) and readable. So, the use of clear and charming fonts is also a priority.

Having said that, as your website owner, you must check and update your website functionality in mobile regularly (you should keep yourself in the seats of your customers) to keep everything on track. If you use a responsive web design tool, you can do that all yourself at your convenience.

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