Best Practices for an eCommerce UI Web Design

Best Practices for an eCommerce UI Web Design

Best Practices for an eCommerce UI Web Design – An eCommerce website is your Online Shop, where you can sell your products. We are already in an era when if you’re an average business, you must bring your business online to get a better audience.

With emerging cases of nationwide travel restrictions, people are more compelled to order their everyday needs from online stores. Now, unlike you, there are already tons of people who have their presence already and also have a good market capitalization. So, to make your online shop a supreme choice to the customers, here are the top 5 best practices you must follow:

  1. Mobile optimized websites and applications are a priority :

In 2021, the approximate number of people using smartphones worldwide is 80.63%, whereas the latest user data of people having an average PC is only 47%. So, if you own any website, the first thing is to make it mobile browser optimized and have a mobile OS functional application so that people can order on the go.

  1. The most effective websites are the ones that are the most simple and properly ordered :

As a customer, you will always want your shopping experience to be clean and hassle-free. The same applies to your customers. That is why an eCommerce website following the structural hierarchy as below like,

● A clear and logo,
● Simple and huge search bars,
● A simple hero image, with a text descriptor,
● Flat and clean navigation menu which leads to products in less than 3 clicks,
● AI optimized search filters so that your customers can find their desired products easily,
● A fluid checkout process will ensure a great experience for customers,
● Also, always include the ‘Buy again’ option so that your old customers can always repurchase if they like your product.

  1. The use of high-quality photos and videos in eCommerce websites boosts customer footfall and leads to better conversions :

This is one of the most crucial parts where you need your customers to stay on your website longer than average times, with the use of colorful filters, photos of products from different angles, as no text description of your product can match better than a high-quality image or a video of the product you want to sell.

  1. Clear branding is necessary :

As an eCommerce brand, you should keep your brand logo clear and consistent, with a good enough copy of your brand voice so that the customers have a clear impression of you.

  1. The best eCommerce sites are the most responsive :

If you want to be a market leader in eCommerce, you always need to get in touch with your customers instantly, like having a “get in touch” button on your website so that customers can call directly.

It always takes time for your newly formed eCommerce business to rank higher in search. If you follow the above practices, you will ensure your customers have a memorable experience buying from you.

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