Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Any business needs to promote products or services and advertising is a means of sustenance amidst competition and get more buyers. However, over the years, the means of advertising used by business have changed. Along with typical print media based advertising and TV ads, a majority of companies now use a wide range of digital advertising services. Among these online advertising methods- PPC is especially important. Pay-Per-Click Advertising can be effective in getting more customers from site viewers but you need services of right digital marketing company. At 3iPlanet, we offer powerful and customized PPC service for our clients.

Basics of PPC advertising

You may have seen advertisements popping up in online search results, especially in Google searches. This is what PPC is. Various companies display ads for products and services in search results and those searches are made by average web users. If the viewers click on those ads, the advertisers are charged. It is also called keyword advertising. The users clicking on the ads are redirected to the company website thereafter. We have an expert team who can analyze client needs and devise a PC campaign accordingly. Once you try our Ppc Management Services, you will not look anywhere else.

Why seek our PPC service?

We offer latest and powerful Ppc Campaign Management Services for the clients. Our PPC strategy ensures you get relevant traffic and the resultant conversion rate is high. We also offer Mobile PPC service. Availing our packages will ensure your site gets more visibility quickly. When you sect us for PPC campaign, you get a dedicated manager for the project. We explain the strategy nuances to you and once you give approval- our team will proceed.  We analyze the rival brands in your sector and devise a PPC strategy thereafter. We also update clients at each stage of strategy development and deployment. We have several years experience in digital marketing including PPC campaigns and so you can count on us.

Get in touch

If you have more queries on our Adwords Management Services, please contact us. We will like to explain everything about the Adwords Ppc Management and each part of PPC packages. We encourage you to compare out package charges with what the other companies offer in market. At 3iPlanet, we offer transparent pricing and commitment you can rely on. Email us at today for details or call us at
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